TI LaunchPad

Well, hello.

It’s been a while… did you miss me?

That’s the thing about blogs, see: easy to start, not so easy to keep going.

But in my absence I have not been idle. Uh-uh. I done got me some learnin’.

You might recall, in my last post, that I’d found a cool CPD course on micros starting next September. I was also looking for more informal, non-academic training to do in the meantime, to get a head start on the subject. Did a lot of browsing around the ARM-based micro manufacturers and was starting to give up until I came across this.

I like this. I like it a lot. I like it because:

  • Texas Instruments. ‘nuff said.
  • There’s a full and extensive training course in the pdf workbook under the “Workshop Material” section near the end.
  • It’s based on inexpensive hardware (demoboards) readily available from, for example, Farnell .
  • The software is all free for personal/home/hobby use.
  • There’s a whole design/support ecosystem around these micros. This is exactly what Microchip have been doing so well for years with their PIC range.

So as you might have gathered, I’m going with this one.

Last time I searched for learning resources for ARM-based micros, which was admittedly a few years ago now, I didn’t see anything like this. So this is undoubtedly progress.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m trying to follow something in printed text I much prefer actual paper rather than an on-screen pdf. I therefore invested twenty quid in having the workbook printed out – all 330 pages of it – at my local print shop. Here it is, in a colour coordinated ring binder with the teeny weeny LaunchPad evaluation board.

LaunchPad and workbook. That’s a lot of paper.

In future I’m going to aim for shorter, more frequent posts as I work through this course. So – more later, and hopefully not too much later this time.


Author: Chris Hill

Electronic Engineer living on the edge of the English Peak District. Enjoys maths, fell running and gin.

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